Building teams to deliver

Our research and development teams span a broad range of manufacturing sectors, working with companies large and small. Assignments can vary from longer- term strategic technology acquisition programmes, to short- term, tactical problem solving.


At the heart of our work is a commercially aware approach; we are focused on using science and technology as tools to provide a commercial advantage to our clients.
Exposure to such a broad range of manufacturing technologies places us well when seeking to introduce a radically new technology to a particular industry. For those seeking a real step- change breakthrough, our relationships with a network of specialist research providers across Europe allows us to put together a team with the right expertise for the job.


These are just some of the areas we work in:


• Vision Systems
• Industrial Ultrasonic Applications
• Electro-magnetic Technology
• Medical & Assisted Living Devices
• Polymer Science & Processing
• Process Engineering & Automation
• Eco-Energy
• Environmental Science
• Industrial Microwave Applications
• Radio Frequency Technologies
• Embedded Control Systems
• Sensor Technology
• Food Processing
• Coatings Technology