Company History

  • Founded in 2011, the Technology Research Centre (TRC) is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in industrial research and development. After first becoming established at a smaller site in Grantham, successive project commitments necessitated the move to a larger facility on the outskirts of Long Bennington in 2016, and this location now serves both administrative and experimental needs.
  • Thanks to a successful internal research programme, the TRC established its first spin-out company, Matrix Moulding Systems, in 2016 in order to bring our first prototype technology to the market.
    • This has resulted in the double award winning Soniplas system now being available – which provides the opportunity to transform the profitability and sustainability of the plastic injection moulding industry.
    • Google “Soniplas” or visit
  • With this in place and expanding, we now aim to grow our company portfolio to capitalise on further scientific successes.