Using grant funding for your development programmes

Grant funding for R&D won’t be right for everyone, but in times when internal budgets are under pressure and more difficult to secure, an increasing number of organisations are being drawn to public grant funding to support their R&D.


With the economies around Europe struggling, the increased focus on creating growth and employment coincides with an increase in the levels of public money available to support the development and launch of new products. With typical R&D budgets ranging from £500k to over £2m, the application process is highly competitive and working with a team with a strong track record is vitally important. In recent years, our team has been responsible for hundreds of companies securing funding for their R&D programmes, with success rates second to none.


It’s important to know your way around the multitude of funding types and our team has experience across regional, national and EU initiatives, where funding levels can vary from 30% to as high as 100%, depending on the work. As the focus moves closer and closer to market, once the R&D programme has been completed, grants are even available to cover up to half the costs of launching a new product onto the market.


Our team has a long track record of not only securing the grants, but also in taking on the burden of paperwork and bureaucracy of running a grant funded programme, so you shouldn’t let this influence your thinking.


If you are interested in using grant funding for your business please contact us to discuss what might be available.