TRC can now help you ensure your plastic waste is NIR sortable

Are you able to guarantee customers that your packaging is NIR sortable?
Do you manufacture or use consumer goods plastic packaging?

If you manufacture or use consumer goods packaging then chances are you have already considered or in fact are now using NIR sortable polymers.
There are several NIR sortable polymer pigments now available, but, how can you assure your customers that you’re using truly NIR sortable polymers?

In the past it’s been very difficult to do without very expensive equipment, but that’s no longer the case! We have the solution and it doesn’t cost an arm or even a leg!

Our low cost NIR-VISplas system is able to provide just such assurance.

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TRC can help with your problem plastics….

Summed up nicely in the BBC News story – “Greenpeace’s Megan Randles: “We can’t dump or burn our way out of our plastics crisis. We need a legally binding reduction in the production of single use plastic”

TRC has been involved in developing numerous innovations in the areas of reducing single use plastic and recycling of problematic waste, for plastics producers; processors and recyclers.

To borrow another line from the BBC: “If you have been affected by anything you have seen here” – get in touch and see how we can help your industry reduce plastic waste/energy/carbon footprint by utilising our vast innovation experience.

A growing TRC is on the move

After three years of rapid expansion at our site in Grantham, we have outgrown those facilities and are proud to announce that we have moved to a new office and workshop located at Roseland Business Park, Long Bennington, on the site of the former RAF Bottesford.

This now offers us almost eight times the workshop space and three times the office room, opening up new opportunities to further grow our highly skilled team, expand our portfolio of innovation projects and build on our successes in bringing new technologies to market, for our Partners, Clients and the TRC.

Transforming the histology process

The Technology Research Centre is a key R&D project partner in a consortium of 8 SMEs, gathered from 5 EU countries under the title: Microlean. The successful outcome of which could revolutionise human tissue biopsy sectioning and the wider medical screening process as a whole.

Histology is a complex process requiring several steps for tissue sample preparation and is routinely used for screening of serious diseases including cancer. The project, jointly funded by the European Commission, aims to produce a retrofittable automated microtome system incorporating contactless sample transportation for the histology process, which would address the key challenges to the current process:

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